• AC Commonwealth's Mission

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    AC Commonwealth is a semi-professional soccer club located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We take deep pride in the seven cities that have produced so many elite athletes over the years. We strive to be an organization that represents the heart and soul of the Hampton Roads community by being a platform that allows athletes of all ages and backgrounds to achieve their sporting ambitions.


    The core values of our club are community, hard work, loyalty and respect. Our goal is to bring a new perspective to a sports community that hasn’t seen much change since it was established.

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    We understand that the needs of the athlete do not stop once they have graduated high school or transitioned to the next level. Mentoring and professional representation are often over looked or non-existent for players whose ambitions are to turn a passion into a professional career. By offering a chance to be a part of a network of current and former professional soccer players and trainers, our athletes have access to all of the tools and resources necessary to achieve that next level of development.


    We provide a variety of options for anyone looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Options range from elite training and community events, to playing for one of our adult teams.


    Once you choose to be a part of the Commonwealth family, you will always have a place and a community to call home.